When most people think of insulation, they think fiberglass. Unfortunately, conventional fiberglass insulation, regardless of the R-value, leaves gaps and seams around a house’s framing material, allowing air to flow both in and out. The fact that it’s air permeable means fiberglass insulation permits energy loss, allows for the transfer of airborne pollutants and pollens into your home and allows moisture into your home that can lead to mold and mildew. New forms of insulation such as spray insulation foam and blown-in cellulose are more effective at insulating your home in Long Island. Both types possess a much higher density than fiberglass, which means they do a better job of inhibiting air movement. Foam and cellulose provide superior seals, limiting airflow not only through the insulating material itself, but also in hard-to-insulate areas such as gaps around electrical boxes, wiring and plumbing

  • Quality air-sealing work
  • New energy code compliance
  • Outstanding customer service from trained, fully-licensed professionals
  • High and low-density spray foam
  • A quality insulation package is the first step to a comfortable, energy-efficient building that will cut energy usage and cost less to operate.

Smart Sealed Insulation Choices

  • Demilec Sealection — An open cell spray insulation foam for walls, floors & ceilings. Provides superior indoor air quality with low environmental impact. Minimizes noise pollution
  • Energy-Locked™ air sealing technology
  • Fiberglass blown-in — for attic applications
  • Fiberglass (BIBS) Blown-In-Batt System — for walls
  • Cellulose wall spray
  • Cellulose blown-in — for attic applications

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Ready To Start?
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